Rabbits in San AntonioRabbits are great pets and are very sociable and friendly if treated properly. One of the things that most people don’t know is that rabbits do require daily attention and can live up to 10 years or longer, so this can be a long term relationship.

When buying a rabbit avoid bunnies or rabbits that have an unhealthy appearance.  If they have a runny nose, if they are sneezing or show signs of diarrhea, they should be avoided.  We provide the best care for our rabbits and will not sell you an unhealthy one.

Many people are choosing to keep their pet rabbits indoors.  It’s interesting to know that rabbits can be trained like a cat to use a litter box.  We still do not suggest that you let them loose inside your home as rabbits tend to chew all things including shoes and furniture.  Not only is this not good for you, it isn’t good for the rabbits digestive system.  What most people do is keep them in their cage during the day and let them out to socialize when they get home from work or school.  Rabbits get used to this and you will find that they become very social and friendly when you let them out.

Bunnies for Sale In San AntonioIf you keep your rabbit outdoors, there are a few common sense things that you should keep in mind.  Please do not keep them in direct sunlight or in the heat, especially during the summer.  Rabbits are very sensitive to higher temperatures and can easily overheat and die.  Your rabbit hutch should be shaded with proper cover to keep them at a comfortable temperature and safe from wind and rain as well.

We would love to talk to you about your pet rabbit and give you more hints about their care so that they can live long and happy lives.