San Antonio Ducks for Sale

There are typically a couple of reasons why people from San Antonio and the surrounding area come to us for ducks.

One of the reasons is simply that they actually make great pets. Ducks are beautiful and fun to watch and they make your pond come to life. If raised from an early age, they can get attached to you and follow your around.

Of all the poultry, ducks are easiest to raise because they are quite resistant to cold, wet or hot weather. They are quite useful as well by being excellent foragers and exterminators of snails, slugs and undesirable insects.

Ducks are also useful in keeping your pond clean of unwanted plants.

Another reason that people come to us to buy ducks are efficient producers of meat and eggs. We’ve noticed more people buying ducks from us for the eggs that they produce.

So what kind of ducks do we sell to people in the San Antonio area?

We sell mallards, rouens, straightrunners, buff, khaki campbells, peking, magpies and more.  We sell baby ducks and also mature ducks too.

The runners are popular ducks because they are quite unusual especially when they have a tophat. These ducks also have a different posture. They stand 45 to 75 degrees above horizontal and they don’t waddle, but they run standing straight up. They are skinny ducks with an average weight of 3.5 to 4 pounds You really have to see them to appreciate this.

The Peking ducks are also pretty popular. Quite a bit heavier than the runners, they are a dual purpose duck that many people buy for their meat and eggs.

We have a good selection of ducks on hand.  Give us a call and we’ll let you know what we have in stock and help you pick out the right duck for you.