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If you have rabbits, chickens, geese or other farm animals and pets around your house, then there is a chance that you may see some snakes there as well as they tend to prey on these helpless animals.

These ingenious snake traps are designed to humanely trap and capture snakes that may be preying on your chickens, rabbits, ducks or geese.

“After finding a rattle snake in my rabbit barn I started doing some research on how to prevent this problem.  I started with mesh fencing but depending on the size of the snake they can go over. First, Snakes will travel along a fence or barn searching for a way in. Second they can not back up and third they can not find a hole in the middle of the air. Once they go in they can not find a way out.  Voila! or as we Americans spell it Wa-lah! “   — Alma Rodriquez

San Antonio Snake Trap - With Snake

Snake trap with trapped snake!



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Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“The snake in the trap picture was too hard to get  it was so dark to tell what it was so when it was killed we put it on top of trap  Saw that it was a Tx Rat snake also called a chicken snake.  The snake is often incorrectly called a ‘chicken snake’, probably became of it’s fondness for hen’s eggs”


snake in trap


One of our recent catches.



More snakes caught in our traps:

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