Hi my name is Daniel Jimenez and I own M & T Rabbitry and Poultry Farm.  I started raising and selling rabbits for my kids as a way to teach them early how to make a little money and what it meant to work for it, how to be responsible and to be able to take care of something.

The business started in 2009 with 3 rabbits to about 150 today. In the beginning we started with a variety of different breeds and settled on 3 breeds that make great pets and work well for young students in 4H clubs, we currently raise Holland lops, Lionheads and Netherland Dwarfs.

The poultry business started Easter of 2010 with 3 incubators and 100 laying hens. We started hatching our own chicks and selling them, it became apparent that there was a market for laying hens because we could not keep up with the demand. Today we hatch and order at or about 150 chicks a week and sell out quite fast. It has become popular again to have a backyard chicken coop and with the easing of restrictions the idea of raising your own chickens for meat and eggs has taken off.