Peacocks, ducks, chicks, quail, geese, chickens, turkeys, sheep for sale in San Antonio

Young peacocks 5 to 6 months old 75.00 males and 85.00 females

Laying hens, gold sexlinks about 20 weeks old 16.00 each.

Quail chicks, Texas A&M and Courturnix 1.00 each.

Baby geese about 6 weeks old 15.00 each. Adult geese 45.00 each.

Baby Turkeys 13.00 Red bourbon, black Spanish, heritage bronze, white Holland

Young turkeys 4 months old 25.00 white Holand 30.00 bronze

Thanksgiving turkeys double breasted whites about 35 pounds plus 30.00 each.

Chicks, golden laced wyandottes, buff orpington, buff brahmas starting at 4.00 each all hens.

Adult ducks 20.00 each.

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