Guineas, ducks, geese, peacocks, quail, laying hens, pullets, chicks, sheep, eggs, pure honey, hay for sale in San Antonio

Guinea keets 6.00 each many colors to choose from, older guineas 12 to 14 weeks 10.00 each.

Baby chicks, all hens 3 weeks old 5.00 each, we have buff Orpington, wellsummer, and cuckoo marans

Laying hens gold sexlinks already laying eggs 16.00 each

Rhoad Island Red pullets two and a half months old 10.00 to 12.00 each.

Turkey chicks many breeds, Red bourbon, bronze, white Holland, black 12.00 for one week old 15.00 for 6 weeks old

Peacocks many colors 150.00 each.

bunnies, we are down to the last few, there will be no more bunnies till November, we have a few Holland lops, lionheads and dwarfs available 30.00 each.

Nigerian dwarf goats we have three left all males, very friendly

Quail, chicks 1.00 each 4 week old 2.50 and adults some have started laying eggs 5.00 each.

square hay bales coastal 8.00 each.

M & T Pure honey, we harvested our first batch for the year 6 oz bear 5.50 each.


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