Chicks, ducklings, ducks, geese, quail, peacocks, turkeys, guineas, sheep for sale in San Antonio

Baby chicks in this week, buff orpington, golden laced wyandottes, light brahmas,  all are hens 4.00

Baby chicks buff orpington, buff brahmas, and speckled sussex about 3 weeks old 5.00 each.

Baby chicks, Japanese silkies 4.00 each.

Baby broiler chicks about three weeks old 2.00 each, we have about 40 left.

Laying hens, gold sexlinks 16 to 20 weeks old some are already laying eggs 16.00 each.

Laying hens Cuckoo marans 20.00 each. only have two left.

Baby turkeys 13.00 each, red bourbon, heritage bronze, black and white Holland

Older turkeys about one month old 15.00, turkeys 3 months old 25.00, adult turkeys 45.00 (we do have some double breasted white turkeys perfect for Thanksgiving 35.00 each while they last we only have about 6 left.)

Ducklings baby muscoveys 7.00 each.

Baby quail, Corturnix, and Texas A&M 1.00 each, three week old quail 2.00, adult quail 5.00 each.

Baby geese, about 6 weeks old 15.00 each. 3 month old geese 25.00 adult geese 45.00

Baby guineas 5.00 each, adults 16.00 each.

Young peacocks, we finally are getting in a new shipment this Saturday the 16th, Males 75.00 females 85.00 will have many colors to choose from.

Honey 12oz bears 6.00 each, two for 11.00


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