Guineas, ducks, geese, peacocks, quail, laying hens, pullets, chicks, sheep, eggs, pure honey, hay for sale in San Antonio

Friday, July 7th, 2017

Guinea keets 6.00 each many colors to choose from, older guineas 12 to 14 weeks 10.00 each.

Baby chicks, all hens 3 weeks old 5.00 each, we have buff Orpington, wellsummer, and cuckoo marans

Laying hens gold sexlinks already laying eggs 16.00 each

Rhoad Island Red pullets two and a half months old 10.00 to 12.00 each.

Turkey chicks many breeds, Red bourbon, bronze, white Holland, black 12.00 for one week old 15.00 for 6 weeks old

Peacocks many colors 150.00 each.

bunnies, we are down to the last few, there will be no more bunnies till November, we have a few Holland lops, lionheads and dwarfs available 30.00 each.

Nigerian dwarf goats we have three left all males, very friendly

Quail, chicks 1.00 each 4 week old 2.50 and adults some have started laying eggs 5.00 each.

square hay bales coastal 8.00 each.

M & T Pure honey, we harvested our first batch for the year 6 oz bear 5.50 each.


Guineas, ducks, chicks, emu’s, quail, peacocks, geese, laying hens, turkeys, bunnies, hay for sale in San Antonio

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Guinea keets, many colors 5.00 each for one week old 8.00 for 6 week old

chicks, all hens, cuckoo maran, buff orpington, wellsummer 4.00 each.

laying hens, Rhoad island reds 16.00 each, these hens are about 18 weeks old

turkey chicks, many breeds, blue slate, chocolate, black, bronze, white Holland, 12.00 for one week old 14.00 for one month old and 17.00 for two month old.

baby ducklings 5.00 each.

baby geese, this is the last batch till January one month old 15.00, two month old 20.00 adults 45.00

baby quail 1.00 each.

bunnies, we have a few left, this will be it until we start breeding again in October, we have lionheads, dwarfs, and Holland lops

we have four Nigerian dwarf goats one female and 3 males 125.00 each.

4×5 round bales coastal blue stem cross 35.00 a roll

square bales coastal 8.00 each.

Please bring boxes or pet carriers we are running out of boxes fast.

Emu’s, ducks, geese, quail, peacocks, laying hens, chicks, bunnies, turkeys, guineas, sheep, goats for sale in San Antonio

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

We have three baby Nigerian dwarf goats, 2 males and 1 female 125.00 each, all black and white

Emu’s about 4 months old and pushing 4 feet tall 175.00 each.

laying hens, gold sexlinks 16.00 each.

laying hens, cuckoo marans, 20.00 each. we only have 8 left.

baby turkeys, blue slate, bronze and white Holland 12.00 for one week old and 15.00 for one month old

peacocks many colors to choose from 150.00 each.

bunnies, we have a sale on them right now 30.00 each. Dwarfs, Holland lops and lionheads

baby geese 13.00 each, white Chinese and brown African

guinea keets about 3 weeks old 6.00 each.


Quail, ducks, geese, turkeys, peacocks, emu’s, laying hens, chicks, sheep, bunnies for sale in San Antonio

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Baby turkeys, 12.00 each for one week old, we have blue slates, chocolate, white Hollands, and bourbon reds, 15.00 for one month old

baby geese, saddle backs, white Chinese, brown African 13.00 each for one week old 15.00 for one month old

baby quail 1.00 each, three week old and older 3.50 each.

laying hens while they last gold sexlinks 16.00 each.

baby ducks 5.00 each, adults 20.00 each.

we have a few peacocks left 150.00 each many colors to choose from.

Emu’s, ducks, geese, quail, peacocks, sheep, bunnies, laying hens, chicks, turkeys for sale in San Antonio

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

I have three Emu’s about 4 months old about 3 feet tall asking 175.00 each. or willing to trade

baby quail, Texas A&M and Courtinix 1.00 each.

peacocks many colors all about 2 years old 150.00 each.

laying hens, we just got in a new batch of gold sexlinks, excellent layers these birds are about 17 to 20 weeks old just about to start laying eggs. 16.00 each.

baby turkeys, bronze and white Holland, they are about 3 weeks old now asking 13.00 each.

baby geese, white Chinese and brown African, 13.00 each.

bunnies, lion heads, Netherland dwarfs and Holland lops, we have a special going on right now 30.00 each.

Eagle carports, I am a dealer for this company, carports 18 x 21 starting at 995.00 installed, these carports make great covers for your animals and birds.

Chicks, guineas, turkeys, quail, peacocks, geese, ducks, laying hens, emu’s, sheep, fresh eggs, hay for sale in San Antonio

Friday, May 19th, 2017

Chicks – we got in an unexpected shipment of Polish tophats many colors 4.00 each.

Chicks – buff orpington, gold laced wyandottes, ameracaunas, one month old all hens 5.50 each.

Chicks – black Jersey giants and Jersey giant / leghorn cross 2.00 each.

Turkey chicks- bronze and white Holland 12.00, one month old turkeys 15.00 each.

Baby geese – brown African and white Chinese 13.00 each

Ducks – one week old 5.00 each one to two months old 10.00 each and adults 20.00 each.

Baby quail – 1.00 each Texas A & M and Corturnix , 3 to 4 weeks old 3.00 will discount for volume sales

Peacocks many colors 150.00

Emu’s 4 to 5 months old 175.00

Laying hens, Rhoad Island reds 16.00 each.

Guinea keets about 2 to 3 weeks old 5.00 each.

Chicks, ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, laying hens, peacocks, turkeys, guineas, bunnies, sheep, hay for sale in San Antonio

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Chicks in this week

Polish top hats, Japanese silkies many colors to choose from 5.00 each.

Golden laced wyandottes, ameracaunas, buff orpington, black australorp, barred rocks all hens all 4.00 each.

quail chicks, Texas A&M and Courtinix 1.00 each. adults 5.00 each.

Turkey chicks, black, chocolate, red bourbon, bronze, white Holland/royal palm 12.00 each. 6 weeks old turkeys white Hollands 18.00

Red golden pheasants one year old, they have not colored out yet 50.00 each.

Peacocks many colors to choose from this is the last batch this year of the two year olds 150.00 each.

laying hens, red sexlinks some have started laying 16.00 each.

baby ducks, khaki campbell, black Swedish, and more 5.00 each. adult ducks 20.00 each,.

baby geese, brown African, white Chinese 13.00 each one month old geese 15.00 each.

baby guineas many colors to choose from 5.00 each.

Nigerian dwarf goats, I only have two males left they are about 6 to 7 weeks old 125.00 each.

Bunnies, we have plenty to choose from, Holland lops, Netherland dwarfs, and lionheads, we have a special going on this week end males 30.00 females 35.00 each.

round bales of hay 4 x 5 25.00 each.

Bunnies, chicks, ducks, geese, quail, turkeys, peacocks and sheep for sale in San Antonio

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Chicks in this week

Barred rocks, black australorps, buff orpington, Rhoad island reds, dark cornish all females 4.00 each, will discount for volume sales

Black jersey giants and Jersey giant leghorn crosses 2.00 each.

Baby ducklings 7.00 each, three week old 10.00 each

Baby geese 13.00 three to 4 weeks old 15.00 each. White Chinese and brown African

Quail chicks 1.00 each 3 weeks old 2.50 each.

Baby turkeys, White Holland, and Chocolate 12.00 older chicks 15.00 each.

Laying hens, Red sexlinks and Rhoad island reds 16.00 each.

Peacocks many colors 135.00 for males 150.00 for females these birds are coming 2 years old.

Bunnies, lion heads, Holand lops and Netherland dwarfs, this week we are running a special 30.00 each.

Black Hawaiian sheep 150.00 for males 130.00 for females

square bales of hay 8.00 each (coastal)

Round bales/ Coastal bluestem mix 25.00 each. clean hay no sunflower or stickers

Chicks, baby ducks, baby geese, bunnies, quail, laying hens, sheep, peacocks, guineas, baby turkeys for sale in San Antonio

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

We have had a couple of individuals looking for female guineas, well we have two, they are laying eggs, we also have about 6 males asking 18.00 each.

laying hens, gold sexlinks we have a couple that have started laying eggs, 16.00 each.

baby chicks, black Jersey giants 2.00 each.

baby chicks, all hens, black sexlinks, gold sexlinks and cornish 3.50 each.

ducklings starting at 5.00 each.

baby geese 13.00 each.

baby quail 1.00 each.

baby turkeys many breeds 11.00 each.

peacocks, many colors males 125.00 females 135.00

I have one baby Nigerian male goat left 125.00

Mouflon sheep, about 3 months old 130.00 females 150.00 for males

Black Hawiian sheep females 130.00 males 150.00

Baby bunnies, beat the Easter rush while we have a good selection, we have dwarfs, lionheads and lops 40.00 each, we have a cage special that comes with water bottle, food bowl, bag of feed, toy, hay, bedding and the bunny of your choice for 105.00

square bales of hay 8.00 each.


Chicks, ducks, geese, bunnies, quail, peacocks, turkeys, sheep for sale in San Antonio

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Baby chicks, straight run Black Jersey giants and Jersey /leghorn crosses 2.00 each.

baby chicks, silkies, white faced black Spanish 5.00 each.

baby chicks, black sexlinks, gold sexlinks, cornish all hens 3.50 each.

ducklings 7.00 each many breeds to choose from, khaki campbell, muscovey, peking, Swedish

baby geese, white Chinese, and brown Africans 13.00 each.

baby turkeys, white Holland, Rio’s, bronze 11.00 each

peacocks going on two years old 125.00 males 135.00 females 250.00 for long tails

Adult guineas 18.00 each, we only have 6 left.

bunnies, Netherland dwarfs, lionheads, Holland lops 40.00 each.

square bales of hay 8.00 each.

Baby sheep Mouflon males 150.00 females 130.00

Baby sheep black Hawaiian 150.00 males 130.00 females

New shipment of laying hens comes in on Saturday 4-8-17 around noon 16.00 each.