Turkeys, geese, ducks, quail, peacocks, guineas, chicks, laying hens, sheep, hay for sale in San Antonio

Baby chicks in this week Ameracaunas, silver laced wyandottes all hens 4.00 each.

Baby chicks, 3 to 4 weeks old all hens, golden laced wyandottes, buff brahmas, buff orpingtonĀ 5.00 each.

Baby chicks, barn yard mix, black Jersey giants, and Jersey giant/leghorn cross 2.00 each.

Baby guineas 5.00 each. guineas 6 weeks old 7.00 each.

Baby quail, Texas A&M and Courtinix .75 each.

Baby turkeys 13.00 each. turkeys 4 weeks old 15.00, 6 weeks old 18.00, 3 to 4 month old 30.00, adult turkeys 45.00

Laying hens, gold sex links 16.00 each, some have already started laying eggs.

Peacocks, 5 to 6 months 75.00 each.

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