Mini pot belly pigs, turkeys, geese, ducks, chicks, laying hens, peacocks, sheep, Nigerian dwarf goats for sale in San Antonio

We have four black and white mini pot belly pigs males and females 125.00 each.

laying hens, red sexlinks,  17 to 20 weeks old just about to start laying eggs 16.00 each.

pullets, Rhoad Island reds about 12 weeks old 12.00 each.

young turkeys, blue slates, red bourbon, heritage bronze, white Holland, they are about 2 months old 25.00 each.

Nigerian dwarf goats males and females, we are selling a pair for 250.00 OBO

Sheep, young dorpers females 150.00, Black Hawaiian sheep, we have beautiful rams that are going to have exceptional horns 150.00 each.

baby chicks, all hens, barred rocks, buff orpington, ameracaunas, about 3 weeks old 5.00 each

baby chicks all hens, cuckoo marans, wellsummer about 5 week old 6.00 each.

baby chicks straight run, black Jersey giants, Jersey/leghorn cross 2.00 each.

Baby ducklings 6.00 each.

12oz Pure honey 6.00 each or two for 11.00


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