Laying hens, chicks, ducks, guineas, quail, peacocks, geese, eggs, sheep for sale in San Antonio

Laying hens, Red sexlinks about 20 weeks old just about to start laying eggs, 16.00 each.

Laying hens, cuckoo marans, 20.00 each we only have 5 left. Black Australorp laying hens we have two left 16.00 each.

Chicks, Barnyard mix, black Jersey giants and Jersey giant leghorn cross 2.00 each

Chicks, feathered leg cuckoo maran, ameracauna, and silver laced wyandottes all hens all 5.00 each, these chicks are about three weeks old and do not need a heat lamp

Pullets, clean leg cuckoo maran, ameracauna about 8 weeks old 10.00 each.

Baby geese, white Chinese 13.00 each. Adult geese 45.00 each.

Baby turkeys, black, heritage bronze (not double breasted) white Holland 13.00 each. young turkeys about 6 weeks old 15.00 each.

Young turkeys about 4 months old 25.00 each.

Baby quail, Texas A&M and Couturnix 1.00 each, young quail about three weeks old 2.00 each.

Pure Honey in 12oz bears 6.00 or two for 11.00

Roosters, we have some beautiful blue laced red wyandottes about 6 months of age.



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