Chicks, laying hens, geese, ducklings, ducks, quail, turkeys, Nigerian dwarf goats, sheep for sale in San Antonio

Chicks in this week Japanese silkies, silver laced wyandottes, feathered leg cuckoo marans, ameracaunas 5.00 each. Will discount for sales of 10 chicks or more

Older chicks, ameracaunas, barred rocks 4 to 5 weeks old 6.00

Cuckoo maran pullets and Rhoad island reds 12.00 each

Baby ducklings, 7.00 each.

Baby geese, white Chinese, and brown African 13.00 each.

laying hens, red sexlinks about 17 weeks of age close to laying eggs 16.00 each.

baby quail 1.00 each

baby turkey chicks 12.00 each, red bourbon, blue slate, heritage bronze

young turkeys, blue slates, red bourbon, white Holland, heritage bronze 25.00 each.

Pure honey, 12oz bears 6.00 each two for 11.00

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